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Pumpkin Carving

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Exploring Forces

We are examining Forces during science this term. We have been using a Newton Meter to measure resistance and friction on different surfaces. We were all really surprised to discover that Bubble wrap has more friction than any of the other surfaces that we tried. We discovered that the wood on the table was the smoothest and created less friction. We enjoyed having a guess and then putting our estimates to the test in practice. We hope you enjoy our photos.

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Red Room – Secret Garden

This term we have been building links with Hertford Junior School. They have a beautiful Secret Garden which is filled with fruit, herbs and vegetables. We picked some of the fruit and brought it back to school. The following day we made fruit crumble using the grapes, apples, pears and berries we found.

We have had some bike trips with Bike it Ben and we have rode over Hollingbury Hill and practised our hill cycling . Several boys from Hertford and have come and joined us including our star football player Dom. It’s nice to make friends with the kids from other schools and do fun activities together.

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Red Room  – July 2017

What a busy week we’ve been having in Red Room this week. On Tuesday, Bike it Ben took us for a Bike ride on Hollingbury Hill, up past the dew pond, looking over the stadium and up to the meadow above Coldean. We practised our speed cycling down the hill and skidded at the bottom ( we aren’t usually allowed to skid). We had a picnic in the meadow and watched the rain falling over Ditchling Beacon. Luckily it missed us but we were all wearing our waterproofs in case.





Tilgate Park Trip

We went on our last school trip of the term to Tilgate Park. We get to go on a trip every week so we can learn more about the environment around us and discover more about Sussex. Tilgate Park has a great maze that we like to play Zombie It round. We had a chance to walk around the Animal Centre and meet the wallabies, pigs and the goats who loved climbing everywhere.





Football Match 

The tip of the iceberg was our terrific match against Hertford Juniors on Thursday afternoon. We went over to their school and played against a mixed yr 3/4 group. They had 7 members on their team and we only had 5 so a very kind boy called Dom came and joined us. He was literally our Star player. Jack scored a cracking goal but unfortunately they beat us. This time.






Herstmonceux Science Centre

We enjoyed the water park where you can build dams and create a moving water cycle using objects like the Archimedes Screw. We thoroughly enjoyed using the Discovery Centre where there are lots of interactive science  activities that tested our strength ,balance, our ability to make noise and climb. It was great fun!

The museum was really busy with lots of other school children and some of them were not very polite and kept trying to barge us off the different activities especially in the sound and light display. But we were really sensible and waited in turn nicely. We enjoyed using levers and air pressure to move ourselves and trains and balls. There were so many experiments to try and do that we couldn’t help but enjoy learning about science. When can we go again?













I360 Trip

We’ve been on a terrific trip up the I360.  Although a number of the class were a bit scared of going up so high, we all managed to face our fears and be brave. We were especially pleased to see some old friends from Moulsecoomb, staff and pupils. After our trip we went on the beach to look at the West Pier and the sea and then off for a picnic at Hove Park where we bumped into a group of kids from Hangleton and saw Miss Jackman, our former receptionist! What a lovely surprise

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Bike Trip to Ovingdean – June 2017

We went on amazing bike trip with Kate the art therapist and Bike it Ben to Ovingdean. We collected special items on the beach and spoke about why we chose them. Then we had to find ‘lava’ items on the beach and created little piles of lava. Finally the class sat in a circle and we pretended we had the power of a volcano until we erupted and threw the lava onto the beach. It was great fun. Ben then took us to the groyne and we drew shadows of ourselves on the wall. We found one of the blue room from the week before.

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Red Room – English

This term in English we have been working on writing and performing playscripts. So you can see us performing the Kapok tree and now we have written our own plays.






One of our themes this term is Intrepid explorers so we have been looking at Aboriginal art and learning more about our local environment.  The summer term is fun at Red room as we go on trips every week ,  exploring different parts of the Sussex countryside, going for walks, running in bluebell woods, building dens in Friston Forest and looking at the amazing ox bow lakes and meanders of the Cuckmere valley, and having fun at Tilgate Park and Stanmer woods.


















Saddlescombe Farm and nature walk 2017

We had an amazing trip to Saddlescombe farm. Emma, the National Trust warden walked us around Newtimber farm. We spotted a range of diverse flowers like the two different orchids that grow on the Downs and yellow wort which no one knew previously, our local unique habitat. We even spied a beautiful fox running across the meadow. The whole class were amazing bug hunters finding crickets, different spiders and lots of beautiful butterflies like the marbled whites.

After lunch we were treated to a tour of Roly’s farm. He introduced us to the chickens – sadly a fox had killed half the flock the previous week. We hoped it wasn’t Fantastic Mr Fox. Roly also showed us some new eggs that he and his family were going to incubate and hopefully grow into hens. The pigs were incredibly chatty when they saw us and made so much noise until Riley fed them. Finally we went on a tractor ride across the fields to find some of the sheep. Belle and Fly, the sheep dogs  helped to round up the sheep and we practiced being sheep farmers.

All in all it was a fabulous trip.