School Policies

Links to school policies:

Privacy notice October 2013 – School Workforce

PRU Accessibility Plan 2015 – 2018 Review May 17

PRU Attendance Policy reviewed May 2015 reviewed Feb 2018

PRU Appeals against internally assessed marks policy reviewed 17

PRU Appraisal Policy for Centrally Employed Teachers November 2017

PRU Behaviour and Discipline Policy revised March 17

PRU Bereavement Policy ammended Nov 17

PRU Capability Procedure July 2018

PRU Charging Policy reviewed January 2018

PRU Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy Sept 2017

PRU Complaints Policy Feb 2018

PRU Comments and Complaints Policy Summary updated September 2017

PRU Controlled Assessment Policy appendix re Risk Management, December 2015


PRU Educational Visits Policy Sept 2017



PRU Equality Policy October 2013 reviewed June 2016

PRU Examination Policy May 2014 amended 2015. 2016, 2017

PRU Examination Contingency Plan December 17

PRU Fire Safety Policy May 2017

PRU Freedom of Information Policy March 2018

PRU Health and Safety Policy May 17


PRU Homework Policy Nov 17

PRU ICT Policy June 2018

PRU MCM Expenses Policy reviewed July 2018

PRU Marking policy Oct 17

PRU Medical Conditions and Administration of Medicines Policy Nov 17


PRU Pay Policy for Centrally Employed Teachers – November 17 FINAL

PRU Premises Managment Policy Feb 2018



PRU SEN Policy July 2013 reviewed November 2017

PRU Social Networking Policy June 2018

PRU Staff Discipline and Grievance Policy Jan 17

PRU Teaching and Learning Policy reviewed November 2017

PRU Volunteer Policy Oct 2017

PRU Whistleblowing Policy October 2017

PRU Work Experience Policy, reviewed 2017

PRU-Young-Carers-Policy-July 2017